Unicorns, Rainbows, and Avocado Toast

Ep 17 (1:37:00)

June 12, 2019

Steve returns from San Jose to talk with Bob and Calvin about the new releases from WWDC, what developer tools and APIs we’re most excited about, and SwiftUI tries to jump in at pretty much every point.


“First off, sorry about the audio… That’s 100% my bad. I was adjusting my cable/audio setup over the weekend and forgot to flip the rarely touched power switch on the mic itself, so my decent mic wasn’t capturing audio during this whole recording. I was able to pull the audio that bled to my MacBook and got recorded with the FaceTime call, but the quality is pretty rough. Hopefully the show is still enjoyable, we certainly had a lot of fun recording it!”

  • Calvin

Topics from this episode

Steve’s Field Report from San Jose

Storyboard Irrelevance

Catalyst (née Marzipan)

Swift Package Manager in Xcode 11

tvOS 13

watchOS 6

iOS 13

iPadOS 13

macOS Catalina

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