The 8 Was The S Of The 7

Ep 18 (1:21:08)

June 27, 2019

Bob’s got dinosaurs on the brain; Calvin’s neck deep in betas; Steve’s bread is still nowhere to be seen.

00:00:00: Prologue

00:01:26: macOS Hover Text

00:05:37: Dynamic Debugging

00:11:24: Left Pad Gate

00:13:16: Prepare for Segue

00:17:04: Property Raptors

00:23:04: One Weird Trick To Flatter Data Models

00:29:35: Thrill Seekers Only (and Calvin)

00:38:54: Never Was There A Tale Of More Woe

00:44:02: Maybe Calvin Shouldn’t Install So Many Betas

00:49:08: Going Public

00:54:51: Always Look on the Bright Side of Mice

01:04:38: Light at the End of the Carpal Tunnel

01:08:45: Wrapping Up

01:15:24: Announcement!